Twilight fans have just discovered how they made the vampires run fast and it’s jaw-dropping

We modern day movie audiences are so used to staggering special effects that we don’t often question how certain scenes are made.

The Twilight Saga films, with their vampires and werewolves, are replete with slick CGI but, it turns out, some sequences are more basic than they look.

Fans of the books and movie franchise will know that the fanged stars run at superhuman speed.

But many of them have only just found out how those lightning moves were orchestrated … on treadmills being pulled along by a truck.

TikTok user Chloee Weber made the discovery when a friend sent her behind-the-scenes footage.

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In a video shared with her 61,000 followers, she shakes with laughter as she watches the actors running, strapped to the treadmill, while being dragged through the woods.

Clamping a hand over her mouth Chloe gasps: “I don’t know what I was expecting ... but it wasn’t this.”

The video of her reaction has now gained more than 9 million likes, with TikTokers scrutinising the featured actors’ techniques.

Using the characters’ names, one bewildered viewer commented: Emmett’s running doesn’t look so bad but why is Esme taking such TEENSY TINY STEPS???”

Another said: “I was gonna sleep now I can’t stop watching this.”

And another wrote: “If this doesn’t go viral. Nothing will.”

It turns out she was right.

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