‘The French Dispatch’ stars’ Cannes outfits have been given the meme treatment - here are 10 of the best

‘The French Dispatch’ stars’ Cannes outfits have been given the meme treatment - here are 10 of the best

Wes Anderson’s new film is set to be one of the hottest releases of 2021, featuring his unmistakable Art Nouveau aesthetic and a dazzling star-studded cast.

‘The French Dispatch’ was met with a standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival on Monday after it finally premiered following a year-long delay thanks to Covid.

The much-anticipated movie is touted as a love letter to journalism, literature, and France, centring on an oddball crew of journalists working for a magazine in the fictional town of Ennui-sur-Blasé (great name).

Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton, and Timothée Chalamet are among the upcoming blockbuster’s big name line-up, and they all turned up to the festival to promote the project. However, although they were all united in their pride of the film, they clearly didn’t liaise on outfit choice for its official photocall.

Chalamet rocked up in a pink graphic T-shirt and heavy black boots, while Anderson looked a lot more formal in a pale blue suit and tie. Swinton was her usual elegantly edgy self in an electric blue two-piece, while Murray looked like your aging uncle heading for a trip to the beach.

Twitter, inevitably, loved the mis-matched ensembles, and the memes soon flooded in.

Here are our favourite takes on the unlikely quattro:

‘The French Dispatch’ also stars the likes of Owen Wilson, Benicio del Toro, Adrien Brody and Léa Seydoux, but they managed to escape the outfit grilling.

Like Murray, Wilson and Brody, Swinton is a regular in Anderson movies, including ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ and ‘Moonrise Kingdom’.

The Scottish actor, who plays an art specialist in the new film has hailed it as a “reminder of the dignity of true journalism.”

“I think it’s possible for people to either have forgotten that or pretend they never knew that – to know that journalism is an incredibly dignified and important cultural endeavour and we really rely on it," she said in an interview with Reuters.

Speaking of working with Anderson she admitted she readily agrees to take on his projects without even reading the script: “If you’ve got half a brain cell, you say OK,” she said.

Meant to premiere at Cannes last year, the comedy-drama, praised by critics, is among the movies vying for the festival top prize, the Palme d’Or.

"Most of us saw it two years ago, but on a smaller screen," Swinton said. "But to see it ... on that screen last night and to get the response that we got ... it’s like carrying a big bag and we’ve been able to put it down now."

We, for one, are counting down the days until October 22, when it will finally hit the big screen.

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