Who should play Nigel Farage in Ukip: The Movie?

Who should play Nigel Farage in Ukip: The Movie?

Whoever is brave or lucky enough to take on the role of the Ukip leader in Channel 4’s forthcoming spoof documentary will find there is complexity in a City boy from Dulwich College, who has become a self-appointed enemy of the establishment.

So who are the front-runners?

Chris Barrie

He looks like him. And a thinly disguised Brittas Empire remake might at least prepare the public should life repeat art.

Timothy Spall

Once burst out of the top of Big Ben, dressed as Winston Churchill and doing the soliloquy of Shakespeare’s most celebrated outsider, Caliban.

Kermit the Frog

Not that anyone would liken him to a muppet, of course. The necessarily amphibian-like demeanour comes gratis.

Nigel Farage

What better way to show one’s anti-Establishment credentials than to play oneself? Les Dennis, Seb Coe and Tony Blair have all done it. And Barry from EastEnders.

100 Days of Ukip will be shown on Channel 4 next year

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