Why the next series of Peep Show will be the last, and a movie is unlikely

The ninth and final series of Peep Show will air at the end of next year.

Writers Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong have explained they want the show to end now "because we are desperate not to do a bad series".

It's also a reflection of the fact cast and crew have to some extent grown up with the show and have a range of other commitments.

"We'd like to have all our regulars back but we can't speculate. People get married and have babies and so we'll have to ask them nicely," Bain told The Independent.

Peep Show is the longest-returning comedy in Channel 4's history, but a US version flopped, mainly because they abandoned its unique point of view (POV) filming technique.

This is exactly why Bain and Armstrong are reluctant to sanction a big-screen adaptation of the show

"Our big fear was that first-person camera style would feel very over the top on the big screen, although there is a Raymond Chandler movie, Lady in the Lake, shot like that," said Armstrong.

"And there are brilliant sequences, things like Michael Powell's Peeping Tom, but a whole film, that's altogether different."

Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong's latest show, Babylon, is set to return to Channel 4 for a full series.

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