In the last three years, it would be safe to say that Britain has lost its collective mind over all sorts of issues - but politics is definitely one of the biggest hit.

Whether it be politicians endlessly debating major subjects and failing to get anything done, or people comparing Brexit to worlds wars that they never fought in, Britain's once proud history and moral reasoning and resolve have dissolved into nothingness.

What better time than now to just do away with everything that this country has established and achieved, both the good and the bad, and become a shrine to pop culture and addictive anime series with really catchy theme songs?

A literal petition has been started online that proposes doing away with a statue of hailed prime minister Winston Churchill in Parliament Square a replacing it with an Evangelion mecha (basically a giant Japanese robot).

The petition has been started by journalist Hussein Kesvani and already has over 100 signatures and is well on it's way to achieving its goal of 200. On the petitions page, he writes:

Look, all I'm saying is that no Evangelion ever caused a famine or took credit for anyone else's work.

Evangelions are also very cool, and sleek, with a more aspirational body figure than Winston Churchill.

In a post-Brexit Britain, where we journey to new shores as an independent nation we need new heroes. We need to get into the damn robot.

Kesvani also adds that he would be willing to compromise and allow the Evangelion to wear a poppy, just so it's in keeping with some sort of British history.

Although we doubt that parliament would ever actually consider this (they've rejected far bigger petitions), maybe they could just instal an Evangelion for like a week or something? Or maybe put it on the South Bank?

If you aren't quite down with your anime, Evangelion's are from the acclaimed 90s series Neon Genesis Evangelion,which has just landed on Netflix for the first time.

The show centres around mankind's struggle against a group of mysterious monsters known as 'Angels' who do conflict with the 'Evangelions', a group of mechanical robots piloted by teenagers and deployed by the NERV organisation.

It's a weird show that's oddly deep and philosophical about teenage angst and mental health and well worth your time if that's your sort of thing.

It has absolutely nothing to do with British history but a small section of the internet are very keen on seeing a statue from the show replace Britain's most championed prime minister.

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