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Zac Efron is just the latest celebrity to be accused of cultural appropriation after changing up his hairstyle.

Yep, Efron is now sporting dreadlocks - a hairstyle predominantly worn by people of colour.

But everything's alright, apparently: in a black-and-white photo announcing his new hair on Instagram, Efron assured his followers the look is "just for fun". What a relief.

Zac might be convinced his dreads are harmless, but others are accusing the actor of cultural appropriation.

On Instagram, one user wrote: “You do not look good in that buddy."

Another fan remarked: "SORRY BOO BUT NOT ON YOU."

While one person wrote: “Love you Zac, but this is appropriation."

Twitter wasn't entirely convinced either.

Not everyone was against the hairstyle.

Some thought others were being overly sensitive.

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