A British newspaper has actually published this incredibly sexist article on women's football

Despite the growing popularity of women's football, the ongoing World Cup and the success of the England national team, a newspaper has published an, on the face of it, incredibly sexist article.

At the end of the Daily Mirror's betting column on Saturday, Derek McGovern decries the women's game, criticises the BBC for moving England's quarter-final to BBC One and banters that he won't be having a punt on the game because "women already cost me enough".

While McGovern's betting column, which has been running in the paper for years, is often tongue-in-cheek, sarcastic and tends to push the boundaries of decency and taste, many clearly feel it's gone too far this time.

Ceri Jones, who shared a picture of the article on Twitter, said she couldn't believe her eyes when she saw it, with others calling it "shocking", "old-fashioned" and "pathetic".

i100.co.uk has contacted McGovern and the Mirror for their take on the criticism.

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