Norway's women's football team had the perfect response to sexist sports journalists

It's a sad truth that there's a long way to go before we achieve gender equality in the beautiful game - especially when male sports commentators keep spouting rubbish likethis and womens' sports only get two to three per cent of TV coverage.

Luckily, in a video made for NRK Norway's female football team has decided to finally 'fess up what sexists have known for a long time - women's football sucks!

"We're sh-t. We suck, plain and simple," captain Trine Rønning tells a sympathetic reporter in a spot-on take down of sexist stereotypes.

Goalkeeper Ingrid Hjelmseth, defender Emilie Haavi and midfielder Cathrine Dekkerhaus admit in the spoof documentary that even they find women's football boring thanks to their struggle with understanding the offside rule and getting confused about whether they should be using their hands or feet to touch the ball.

Dekkerhaus said she had to switch teams after almost everyone in her old club fell in love with her because the team was "teeming" with lesbians.

The desperate players reached out to Sepp Blatter asking him to make the game easier for women with a lighter ball, smaller pitch, free throws instead of kicks and the addition of an extra goalie or two.

Sadly, the upstanding Fifa boss, well known for his enlightened views on the women's game, wasn't able to help.

Norway may be out of the Women's World Cup after losing to England 2-1 on Monday, but this video shows they're still winners:

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