WWE superstar AJ Styles admits on a conservative podcast that he was 'confused' and 'angered' by the Gillette 'toxic masculinity' ad

WWE wrestler AJ Styles has made an appearance on a notorious US conservative podcast and discussed his feelings on the latest Gillette advert.

The 41-year-old spoke on the Louder with Crowder show, a podcast that has been known to have a pro-male agenda, where the discussion of the recent Gillette advert, which asked men to reconsider the example they are setting to others, came up.

Styles, real name Allen Neal Jones, who is a former two time WWE champion and is watched by millions each week on WWE television, admitted that he struggled to understand what the message of the ad was and that he wasn't sure who it was aimed at.

In particular, he cites confusion about a small scene in the ad which shows an example of mansplaining and sexual harassment.

I don’t think - I could be wrong - but there’s most men… aren’t the ones they were going for.

I don’t know who they were going for, I don’t know who they were going after.

I’m very confused by this commercial and what they were trying to tell me.

There's an instance during the commercial where, I guess, the head honcho puts his hand on a woman's shoulder and says 'what she is trying to say' and I go 'what did she say before?'

Maybe he is sticking up for her? Maybe she did say something wrong and he's trying to stick up for her.

I just didn’t know who they were talking to and it kinda made me angry.

He adds that he "didn't even know about this toxic stuff what was going on" and that he has "testosterone running through his body", and is different from a woman.

Styles continues by admitting that he doesn't need an advert from a razor blade company to be reminded that he should be a caring husband and father.

I feel like my job as a man is to take care of women. I’m gonna stand up for my wife. I’m supposed to be a provider.

I’m gonna take care of her. I’m gonna protect her. Same thing with my daughter. She’s only 4, but as she gets older she’s gonna want to date.

I expect this guy to come over, pick my daughter up, open the door for her. Things I think a man should do.

He is then asked why the "social justice left hasn't gotten a foothold" into wrestling, to which he explains that WWE, in particular, has avoided showing any political allegiances, despite Donald Trump being in their Hall of Fame.

You know, I don’t know that that’s as true as you might think.

There are some things that we cannot and will not say on the microphone - you don’t want them to come after you...

I think that’s because, it’s not a lot of those kind of people watching our show. You’ve got guys - and girls - fighting in a ring.

So usually if they’re, maybe PC Culture, they’re probably not watching it as much...

As the professional wrestling journalist David Bixenspan points out in his Twitter thread, the rest of the interview doesn't really divulge into political or social issues, but the above examples would fall in line with contentious conservative views that Styles has expressed in the past about abortions and the LGBT+ community.

It's also worth adding that Louder with Crowder is currently selling t-shirts featuring the slogans 'SOCIALISM IS FOR F*GS' and 'NO DOCUMENTED FIREARMS', which doesn't really fall in line with the WWE's attempts to improve their own diversity and on-screen representation of different communities.

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