The fallout from the new Gillette advert about toxic masculinity has been one of the most bizarre in recent memory.

Whilst most people agreed that it sent a good a positive message, others managed to become so morally outraged at the sentiment of the clip that they are actually boycotting the brand.

Numerous tweets, videos and pictures have been posted online by men who are either vowing to never use Gillette products again or are dumping their razors and shaving gel in the bin.

One person, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania took this to the next level by sharing a picture of his razor in the toilet presumably just before he flushes it away in an attempt to fully own Gillette and their wokeness.

"Ha ha, this will show Gillette for telling me how to be a man," he must have thought, however, we can't help but think that a grown man wouldn't flush a large inanimate object down a toilet and block it and then put his hand in the water to try and fish it back out.

Unfortunately for him his tweet didn't go unnoticed and it was soon all over Twitter and he was being mocked into oblivion.

People began to speculate how the razor ended up in the toilet.

What else could be in his plumbing?

The North East Ohio Regional Sewer account got in touch and if anyone knows about clogs it's gonna be them.

Still, at least he tried. It took a brave man to post this photo and he deserves some sort of medal.

He did later confirm that he didn't flush the razor so he presumably fished out by some method which is pretty gross.

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