Angry Claude is even angrier than usual at Arsenal's form

Claude, the angry Arsenal fan, has become something of an internet sensation for his impassioned rants about the fortunes of his favourite football team.

But a disappointing defeat away to Stoke yesterday, in which the Gunners found themselves three goals down at half-time, was just too much for Claude to take.

He locked horns once again with fellow supporter Ty for an interview with Arsenal Fan TV and for the first 30 seconds or so he stands patiently listening to his nemesis before it all becomes too much and he explodes into a raged frenzy that the YouTube channel has dubbed a "meltdown".

Ty, daubed in Arsenal merchandise from head to toe and sipping from an Arsenal sports bottle, looks slightly perplexed as Claude runs through the failings of the team's defence and Arsene Wenger's questionable tactics.

If Arsene Wenger eventually does move on, at least the Arsenal board know who to turn to when looking for a new manager...

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