David Lammy uses football fact to shut down Piers Morgan's call against a final say on Brexit

David Lammy uses football fact to shut down Piers Morgan's call against a final say on Brexit

David Lammy has used the perfect football fact to shut down Piers Morgan over his insistence that there should be no people’s vote on Brexit.

Lammy, a staunch Tottenham Hotspur fan and Morgan, an ardent Arsenal supporter, have clashed before but this time Lammy had the ultimate trump card.

The argument began with the Labour politician sharing a video of a lady at the weekend’s march articulately explaining why she feels people should be allowed to change their mind with regards Brexit, explaining that democracy is an ongoing process and asking, “Should we never play another World Cup?”

Lammy shared the footage with the caption, “Not all heroes wear capes” and Morgan responded:

Can your 'hero' name one General Election or World Cup Final where the result was ignored & the Election/Final rerun/replayed? I'll wait.

At this point, Lammy played his joker and reminded the co-anchor of Good Morning Britain of a key moment from Arsenal history.

The MP made reference to an infamous match where Arsenal scored a goal despite Sheffield United having a player injured.

The goal scored by Marc Overmars, would wind up with the Gunners winning the match however their manager Arsene Wenger, offered to replay the tie, claiming that Nigerian striker Nwankwo Kanu was unfamiliar with the fair play rule.

Not World Cup, but the 1999 FA Cup fifth-round game between Arsenal and Sheffield United. 

Arsene Wenger recognised his side's winning goal was unjust, so he agreed with the FA to host a re-match. 

It's called fair play.

Here is footage of the match in case you are interested.

The match was replayed and Arsenal still won the match 2-1 but that is beside the point as fairplay had prevailed.

That being said Lammy's comeback meant another online defeat for Morgan, a man who has taken the idea that all publicity is good publicity to dizzying new lows.

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