Donald Trump gives media a red card during meeting with FIFA president at White House

Donald Trump gives media a red card during meeting with FIFA president at White House

In perhaps one of the strangest moments ever seen in the Oval Office, president Trump met FIFA president Gianni Infantino on Tuesday and engaged in a very awkward exchange.

Infantino was in Washington DC to discuss the 2026 World Cup with Trump, an event that will be jointly hosted in the US, Mexico and Canada.

Although football isn't a sport that Trump admittedly knows much about, he seemed very excited about the tournament coming to the US and was even shown some of the rules by Infantino.

These consisted of the red and yellow cards that referees use during a match, which were presented to the president at the end of their photo opportunity with the press.

Infantino explains the purposes of the cards as:

Referees, they have cards. Yellow cards and red.

A yellow card is a warning. And when you want to kick out someone, it’s a red.

This could be useful for you, I don’t know. It’s for you.

Noticing an opportunity to have some fun, Trump grabs the red card and attempts to sling it at his old friends, the press, which prompts a few chuckles.

It's unlikely, but maybe Infantino was trying to show Trump the red card, for 'dangerous play' in the White House.

Either way, the internet found it all very amusing.

Elsewhere in their meeting, Trump was presented with two football shirts, one reading 'Trump 26' and the other reading 'Trump 45,' which the POTUS seemed to appreciate.

A more worrying part of their talk came when Trump said he would be disappointed to not be in the office by 2026, but suggested that "they will extend the term" which Infantino seemed to like the idea of.

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