England's entire week summed up in one gif

Louis Dor
Tuesday 28 June 2016 10:30

It's been a great week.

We left the EU, and there was a political meltdown of dramatic proportions.

David Cameron resigned, Scotland looks set to leave the UK and the Labour shadow cabinet is looking more like a shadow matchbox.

The England national football team managed to mark the occasion with a staggeringly poor 2-1 loss to Iceland.

Despite the tactical nous of our beloved manager ex-manager Roy Hodgson...

...Marcus Rashford was unable to save us in the three minutes he was given, yet still he was probably England's best player.

Either way, England left Europe twice in one week, and the reaction has been a collective


French publication Libération wasted no time in mocking us, and to be completely honest, they nailed it:

What a time to abandon the international stage in every way possible.

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