Eric Cantona posts NSFW video on Instagram and the responses were hilarious

Former footballer turned actor/bizarre social media personality Eric Cantona is not a subtle man.

He once kung-fu kicked a fan in the stands at a match then read a bizarre poem after receiving a suspension for the attack. Say no more...

The ex-Manchester United star still occasionally dips his toe into the world of football and today he shared a video on Instagram that he hoped would spark his former team into life as they prepare to take on Manchester City on Wednesday evening.

At this point in the article we would usually show you what Cantona had posted to his followers except there are two problems:

1. The video was very explicit, containing not much more than an egg being cracked by an erect penis. Yes, you read that correctly.

2. It has since been deleted.

However, this hasn't stopped the internet having some fun with this otherwise surreal post.

So, without further ado, cue the memes (we promise you, the actual video is not in here whatsoever).

We'd highly recommend that you don't seek out the video, no matter what.

Still, weird flex but you gotta admire him.

Pssst... it's possible that the egg was meant to represent Pep Guardiola's head.

HT The Poke

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