Can you guess how many footballers wearing white are in this picture of a snow-covered pitch?

Greg Evans
Saturday 30 January 2021 12:15
(Bein Sports/ Screenshot)

As it’s January there has predictably a lot of snow in the UK, but things seem to carry on regardless… and the same can be said on the other side of Europe in Turkey.

A few weeks ago a football match took place in the Turkish Super Lig between Istanbul Basaksehir and Sivasspor. However a heavy snowfall at the Basaksehir Fatih Terim Stadium caused something unusual to happen which could well be a first in the world of football. 

While Basaksehir were perfectly visible in the usual home colours of orange and black the same could not be said for their opponents. Sivasspor, who usually play in red and white stripes were in their away kit of just white. As you can imagine, this led to a quite a problem for anyone trying to watch the match and presumably the players on the pitch.

Just for fun, try and guess how many players wearing white are in the picture below?

It is hard to tell but believe it or not there are six Sivasspor players in that picture.

Images of the game soon went viral as people were baffled as to how the match was even allowed to carry on. 

The referee even had to use white foam for the markings during a free-kick making it even harder to see what was going on.

Amazingly the match did finish in a 1-1 draw between the two sides which is probably only fair. 

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