England fans hilariously serenade German police officer lookalike of Gareth Southgate

England fans serenade a German lookalike police officer of Gareth Southgate
England fans hilariously serenade German police officer that looks exactly like Gareth Southgate

Euphoric England fans serenaded a German police officer who looks like Gareth Southgate as the team made it to the Euro 2024 final.

The hilarious moment happened before England’s semi-final against the Netherlands on Wednesday (10 July), where fans gathered in Dortmund ahead of the match to enjoy a pint or two.

In clips shared online, the police officer was surrounded by England fans as they chanted Southgate’s now-famous “You're the One” song, which remixes the lyrics of 'Whole Again' by Atomic Kitten, directly at him.

The doppelgänger officer seemed a little perplexed by what was going on but soon broke into a little smile while his colleague could be seen laughing and filming it all behind him.

On X/Twitter, one clip has gone viral and been viewed 4.5 million times. It was jokingly captioned: “No wonder England won’t win anything when Southgate double shifting as a German copper.”

Responding to the post, many people were stunned by the likeness between the police officer and the England manager.

“This is unbelievable. Not only is this guy the absolute spitting image of Southgate, but he comes with the exact facial mannerisms too. See the eyebrow raise at 0:16? It’s like he’s the best deep fake you’ve ever seen,” one person wrote.

Someone else joked: “If only the Germans had a word for look-a-like.”

Another argued: “Got to be a distant family member because the twitching is similar.”

After reaching the final, England will now face Spain on Sunday (14 July) in Berlin. The team will hope to exorcise their demons from Euro 2020 when they lost to Italy on penalties in the final.

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