Gary Neville brands David Cameron an 'absolute joke' after former PM urges people to vote Tory

Naomi Baker/Jason Lee - Pool/Getty Images

At the start of this general election, one of the last people we expected to see lashing out at the Tories was Sky Sports football pundit Gary Neville, after all, sports stars aren't renowned for their opinions on politics.

Yet just days after he accused Boris Johnson of promoting racism on live television, the former Manchester United player has lambasted another Tory, in this case, David Cameron.

On Wednesday evening, the night before the general election, Cameron wished all the Conservative candidates "the best of luck" following a "hard-fought general election" adding that they should "urge everyone to go out there and Vote Conservative."

There were many responses to this tweet, not many of them were complementary to the former prime minister, who is mostly responsible for the current state of the country.

Yet, it was Neville's nine-word response which truly caught people's attention, as the 44-year-old branded Cameron 'a joke.'

Neville's tweet soon went viral, amassing more than 11,000 retweets at the time of writing. Needless, to say people enjoyed the ex-footballers sweary takedown of Cameron.

Neville wasn't even holding back against people who disagreed with him.

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