NBA Preview: Mr. Opposite Picks takes Milwaukee Bucks (+9) Vs. New York ...

It's hard to resist the wings.

Milwaukee Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo was spotted eating chicken wings during a post-game interview after the team's loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers - and people can't get enough of the moment.

On Wednesday night after the loss, the two-time NBA MVP and defending champion walked into the post-game press conference, licking his fingers and holding a bucket of chicken wings from Quaker Steak & Lube.

When he down on the chair, he gave a small smile and continued to eat a drum.

"Watcha guys got," Antetokounmpo asked reporters in a video that was uploaded on the Bucks official Twitter.

They then began to question him about the game and expressed a little disappointment in the Bucks performance.

"We suck, played bad. They made shots, they played good, they played better than us," he said all while chomping on some chicken and smirking.

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Once people saw the video, they couldn't help but love what they were seeing, relate to it somehow, or discover a newfound appreciation for basketball.

"Everyone who knows me knows I've never liked basketball and know absolutely nothing about it, BUT this guy right here has made it fun to watch, and I like watching and following the team, and I know like 7 @Bucks player names and that's huge for me. Anyway, thanks, @Giannis_An34," someone wrote.

"How can you not love this man? It's a regular season loss in January… I'm just tryna eat these wings," another added.

Someone else who relates to Antetokounmpo's attitude wrote: "Chowing down on food after a loss and saying 'we suck' is very relatable."

Check out other reactions below:

Antetokounmpo could easily be considered a foodie.

After winning the NBA championship last year, he ordered a 50 piece with a large half Sprite, half lemonade, with no ice from Chick-fil-a, with his trophies in hand.

And in November 2021, he tweeted out about discovering the "game-changer" of dunking Oreos in milk.

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