England fan's scathing analysis of Harry Maguire goes viral

England fan's scathing analysis of Harry Maguire goes viral
Southgate defends Maguire after mistakes lead to goals in 3-3 draw with …

If any of the major broadcasters are looking to add to their roster of pundits before the World Cup, they could do a lot worse than checking out TikTok for inspiration.

One video of a fan analysing the performance of Harry Maguire has gone viral, and it shows that you don’t need to be an ex-pro with experience at the top level in order to analyse the game.

The form of the Manchester United captain is one of the most talked about areas of the England squad, and for this man at least, he shouldn’t be anywhere near the team.

TikTok user @geoweds posted a video with the caption: “this is how much my bf hates Maguire.”

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The man highlights one illuminating passage in play, focusing on a one-two played by the German team during their 3-3 draw against England on Monday night.

“Maguire steps out of his position for some reason and leaves a massive gap,” the man says, standing before the TV with his remote in hand. “Even when Maguire doesn’t do a mistake it’s his fault.”


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He then shows the defender come forward from his position alongside his other centre back, and “clatter into” the opposition player receiving the ball.

“He was never going to get there, ever, because you’re not faster than the ball,” the fan added, saying: “Nw look at that space that [Niklas Süle] can drive into.”

The pundit certainly isn't a fan of Harry MaguireGetty/TikTok/@geoweds

“He gets the chance, and it’s all because Maguire steps out… I can’t believe that this guy is a professional football player.”

The comments section was full of people praising his analysing, with one writing: “Get him on Sky Sports.”

Another added: “This is a surprisingly very good analysis. Maguire doesn't need to come out there. Player back to goal there is not dangerous.”

One more said: “Only United fans truly understand how bad he really is. We’ve seen this week in week out for over a year. There’s no agenda he’s really just that bad.”

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