This ice hockey team expertly trolled Trump’s claims about the inauguration attendance

Getty/edited by indy100

The turnout for Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday wasn’t as great as he might have hoped.

In particular, compared to photos of Barack Obama’s inauguration in 2009, it didn’t look good.

During a speech at the CIA the day after, Trump denied claims that there were only 250,000 people there, instead saying that one and a half million had come out to see him sworn in.

Press secretary Sean Spicer also made the same claim.

Twitter had a lot of fun with the administration's spreading of inaccurate figures for the inauguration.

But the finest piece of trolling came from NHL team the Dallas Stars.

They took a pop at that figure when the displayed the attendance of their match last night, against the Washington Capitals.

And in case you were wondering, the American Airlines Center where the Stars play only has a capacity of 18,532 (or 19,323 with standing room).


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