Ice hockey fans use creative way to get around Ukrainian flag ban

Ice hockey fans use creative way to get around Ukrainian flag ban
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The outpouring of solidarity for Ukraine around the world during the Russian invasion has offered a little light in the darkness over recent months, and now people are getting more and more creative in their support.

Ice hockey fans managed to sneak around regulations forbidding them from unfurling Ukraine flags at a game by instead unveiling their own cryptic versions.

Czech supporters had their own political statement to make at the 2022 Men’s World Championships over the weekend despite it flying in the face of International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) regulations.

While it's suspended Russia and Belarus national teams from the tournament and relocated the 2023 IIHF Men's World Championship from St. Petersburg to Zurich, the organisation has not allowed Ukraine flags in the tournament as the country is not taking part.

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The IIHF wrote in a statement [via iDNES]: "Only the flags of the participating countries are allowed in the tournament. You can see the flags of the countries that play in the tournament.”

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So, rather than display actual Ukraine flags, a selection of fans instead unveiled a white flag with the words “blue colour” and “yellow colour” written on it.

They also unfurled two Czechia flags with 1968 and 2022 logos, which is a reference to the 1968 Prague Spring which saw soldiers from the Soviet Union invade Czechia.

Full Game | Norway vs. Czechia | 2022

Pretty smart if you ask us.

The flags were unveiled during their game against Norway on Saturday, and it looks to have proved a good luck charm for them.

They won the game 3-1 and they have now progressed to the quarterfinals after beating the US team on Monday.

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