If the train is so packed you can't get to the buffet car, try asking some rugby fans to help

Bethan McKernan@mck_beth
Thursday 24 September 2015 13:00

If you needed proof that a) rugby is the sport of champions and b) Wales is the best place on Earth*, look no further.

Twitter account I Loves the 'Diff posted a story chronicling the adventures of a fan on a busy train to Cardiff for Wednesday's Rugby World Cup match between Australia and Fiji.

In a stunning show of camaraderie, rugby fans packed in like sardines on the congested train helped unite one person with their much needed pre-game beer.

The post read as follows:

Bonhomie rules amongst the standing rugby fans on a hugely congested train to Cardiff.

20 mins ago a fiver and a note written on a seat reservation ticket was passed down the aisle.

Just now a can of beer has been passed in the opposite direction. What did the note say? “I am stuck in coach D, please buy me a beer from the buffet car and send it back”. It worked.

Great team work. I hope they enjoy their beer and the match.

Beth amser i fod yn fyw

*Reporter may be slightly biased

HT WalesOnline

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