If the train is so packed you can't get to the buffet car, try asking some rugby fans to help

If you needed proof that a) rugby is the sport of champions and b) Wales is the best place on Earth*, look no further.

Twitter account I Loves the 'Diff posted a story chronicling the adventures of a fan on a busy train to Cardiff for Wednesday's Rugby World Cup match between Australia and Fiji.

In a stunning show of camaraderie, rugby fans packed in like sardines on the congested train helped unite one person with their much needed pre-game beer.

The post read as follows:

Bonhomie rules amongst the standing rugby fans on a hugely congested train to Cardiff.

20 mins ago a fiver and a note written on a seat reservation ticket was passed down the aisle.

Just now a can of beer has been passed in the opposite direction. What did the note say? “I am stuck in coach D, please buy me a beer from the buffet car and send it back”. It worked.

Great team work. I hope they enjoy their beer and the match.

Beth amser i fod yn fyw

*Reporter may be slightly biased

HT WalesOnline

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