YouTuber iShowSpeed raps for footballer Trent-Alexander Arnold on livestream

YouTuber ishowspeed is one of the biggest Cristiano Ronaldo fans on the internet, and he travelled all the way to Old Trafford to see the superstar play for Manchester United on Thursday.

Only, he was devastated to learn upon his arrival that Ronaldo wasn’t playing.

In fact, not only was he not in the starting line-up, but he wasn’t in the squad at all.

ishowspeed, real name Darren Watkins Jr., travelled from Cincinnati, Ohio to watch the club’s Carabao Cup tie against Aston Villa.

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While he hoped to see the Portugese forward play, the 37-year-old missed the game due to illness.

The YouTuber had a nasty shock when he saw the team YouTube/iShowSpeed/Getty

He was disappointed to say the least, taking to twitter to write: “I’m crying right now I flew all the way to Manchester to see Ronaldo and he’s not playing.”

Thankfully for him, he still got the chance to watch United progress to the next round of the cup after beating Villa 4-2 and following a conversation with Rio Ferdinand he still might get to meet his idol.

ishowspeed has become one of the most viral football fans around over recent times, and he recently roasted Liverpool player Trent Alexander-Arnold when he appeared on his stream and prepared a "rap" for him.

He specifically targeted the player's defending skills by shouting, "Defend! Defend!" at the player - something he's been criticised for by football fans in recent months.

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