It's 2015 so of course we're still asking sportswomen to twirl

This is what happened to Canadian tennis player Eugenie Bouchard’s face after she was asked by a news channel to “twirl” in an on-court interview at the Australian Open.

“Can you give us a twirl and tell us about your outfit” the 20-year-old was asked by interviewer Ian Cohen, who was holding a microphone for Channel Seven. “A twirl?” she asked in disbelief. “A twirl, like a pirouette, here you go," Cohen clarified. Bouchard, the seventh best female tennis player in the world, obliged before covering her head with her hands.

In the post-match press conference she said Cohen's request had been “unexpected”. “I don’t know, an old guy asking you to twirl. It was funny,” she said. Watch the incident below and see how funny you find it:

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