Josh Allen breaks silence on bizarre Damar Hamlin conspiracy

Damar Hamlin attends Bills playoff game

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen has broken his silence on the far-fetched conspiracy theory surrounding his teammate Damar Hamlin having a body double or “clone.”

On Tuesday, Allen made an appearance on Kyle Brandt’s Basement Podcast, slamming the theory that Hamlin wasn’t actually present during their playoff game against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday.

“That’s stupid,” Allen says.

Speculation was sparked because Hamlin wore a mask and shades to the game, and didn't give any interviews.

Still, Allen continues to defend his teammate, noting that it’s his “swag.”

“One, that’s Damar’s swag. He likes wearing that. Two, he was in the locker room with us pre-game. So, yes, that was Damar.”

The conspiracy also came about as a result of grainy camera footage captured by CBS as the 24-year-old made his iconic heart-shape symbol with his hands.

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Allen continues: “There’s absolutely zero chance, there’s absolutely zero chance – he’s Damar Hamlin, that’s our guy, that’s our brother, he was with us pre-game, post-game.

“He was up in the suite with his family, his little brother, 100 per cent.

“So people need to stop. Stop that s***.”

After the conspiracy was floating around the internet, Hamlin took to his Twitter on Tuesday to thank people for the “genuine love” and prayers. He also said that they would hear from him very soon.

This also may have something to do with Hamlin taking posting a photo of himself sporting a hood while standing next to a mural of himself with the caption, “Clone.”

On 11 January, the footballer was discharged from the BuffaloGeneral Medical Center/Gates Vascular Instituteafter a week-long stay at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

There, he was on a ventilator in critical condition.

Hamlin is on injured reserve and has a long way to go on the road to recovery.

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