An American news anchor has apologised after she used the N-word while trying to refer to the LA Lakers during the television coverage of Kobe Bryant's death.

MSNBC's Alison Morris was covering the breaking news of Bryant's tragic death after the helicopter carrying his daughter and seven other people crashed in Calabasas, Los Angeles.

She would describe Bryant as being "perfectly cast" for the LA Lakers, the team that he played for his entire career but managed to misspeak and appeared to say the N-word, rather than 'Lakers.'

Footage of the moment soon began to circulate online with many calling out Morris for appearing to use the racial slur.

In the wake of the controversy, Morris has apologised and admitted that she had stuttered and confusingly combined the work Lakers and the Knicks (i.e. NBA team New York Knicks) and pronounced the word 'Nakers' by mistake.

Her explanation divided opinion with some believing it was purely human error, whereas others weren't as forgiving.

HT Mirror

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