Larry David said he should be the NFL commissioner and this is first rule he'd change

‘Give the other team a chance’: Larry David rants about ‘unfair’ NFL ...

Sunday's game between the Buffalo Bills and the Kansas City Chiefs reignited a long debate in the NFL community: are overtime rules fair?

And comedian Larry David said he'd make sweeping changes to the NFL if he was commissioner including overhauling them.

A clip of David speaking with Rich Eisen on The Rich Eisen Show from October 2021 resurfaced this week in light of Sunday's game, and fans are echoing much of what David said.

"Overtime rules are so ridiculous. Now a coin toss is deciding the winner of the game?" David said to Eisen.

Sunday's game ended with the Kansas City Chiefs facing off against the Buffalo Bills in overtime, with the winning team moving to the AFC championship.

At face value, it may have seemed like both teams had a shot at winning. But one simple uncontrollable circumstance determined the fate of the game: The coin toss.

In overtime, a period will begin with a coin toss which will determine which team will have possession of the ball. Then the team has 10 minutes to try and score a touchdown. The first team to score wins the game.

Like David, many fans pointed out how unfairly the overtime rules benefit the team that wins the coin toss. People want the NFL to include a rule that would allow for the opposing team to answer the winning team's touchdown.

"Nothing makes sense in this world!" David said, throwing his hands in the air. "I need to be president, not just NFL commissioner."

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