Liverpool fans miss out on team's Champions League win after going to Ghent instead of Genk

Darren Richman
Friday 25 October 2019 14:30

Two Liverpool supporters managed to miss their side’s Champions League victory over Genk this week after mistakenly travelling to Ghent instead.

The friends, Rob and Lee, from London and Leicester respectively, spent something in the region of £200 each to sort tickets and travel only to find themselves almost 100 miles away from the actual ground.

Rob told the BBC:

When we arrived we didn't see any Liverpool supporters, which kind of aroused our suspicions. Then we were sitting having dinner about an hour before kick-off and we said to one of the waiters, who was a Gent supporter, 'we are playing you guys tonight' and he went 'no you're not', and that was when we realised the error of our ways.

The pair, in true Brits abroad style, ended up watching the match in an Irish bar once they realised their mistake and it was clear they were too inebriated to drive to the actual stadium.

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