Stormzy cements hero status by calling out racist football hooligan on Instagram

Stormzy cements hero status by calling out racist football hooligan on Instagram

Stormzy has shared a video of a white man being racially abusive towards a black football presenter following a football game.

The video begins with the following statement:

There was some racism experienced at the Manchester Derby by a particular individual.

The clip shows Joel Beya talking to some fans after a match between Manchester City and Manchester United at the Etihad. There’s a brief back-and-forth between him and a pair of white football supporters that ends with one of them saying:

I’ll send some money back to your family in Africa.

Beya captioned the video:

 Nobody is perfect but we can't have this in our beautiful game of football or in general.

There's only a small hand who act like this at grounds across the country but we have to get rid of it.

The video was picked up by Stormzy, who shared it on his Instagram story and wrote:

If you know this racist t**t I beg you just have a lil word with him. It’s p****s like this that ruin football for the rest of us. SMH.

Beya has received widespread support from football fans on his Instagram page.

One person wrote: “what a scumbag!” whilst another added: “What an absolute idiot. Shame you went through that bro.”

A third added:

Keep succeeding and sharing the love mate! Sad that you have to deal with some hateful idiots on the way.

In the video, Beya, who is a football presenter for CheekySport, wrote that he will report the man in question.

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