Chaotic finale from Malaysian football match goes viral
Malaysian Football League

Sometimes there are moments in a football match that will leave you holding your breath, and one Malaysian Super League match definitely achieved with both sides treating fans to complete mayhem.

Kedah who is currently second in the table hosted 11th place Pahang who were playing their first match of the season on April 6th.

In the 55th minute, Kedah was ahead thanks to centre-back Rodney Celvin finding the back of the net.

However, opponents Pahang weren't giving up without a fight and pushed on to try and score an equaliser in the second half of the match and managed to win a corner in the 90th minute.

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But the set-piece isn't what everyone is talking about, rather the aftermath of it which caused 20 seconds of sheer chaos with both sides each having the opportunity to score but ultimately missing out.

For a start, the Pahang goalkeeper who moved up the field for the corner attempted a bold overhead kick which passes the ball to his teammate whose attempt at goal is cleared off the line.

The spectacle doesn't stop there as while Kedah begin their counterattack, one of Pahang's coaches randomly runs onto the pitch perhaps to help his team out but ultimately didn't get involved in the end.

As Kedah now had possession, the Pahang goalkeeper sprinted in order to try and get back to his goal to defend though he didn't quite make it back fast enough.

With no goalie in place, the Kedah player had a good chance and a bit of time to get closer to the goal for some reason decided to weakly strike the ball around 40-yards out, only for the ball to roll past the goal.

After this, there were just a few minutes left of the match and luckily for Kedah, they managed to avoid a similar spike in the action to hold on to their 1-0 lead to win and take home the three points.

All in all, an entertaining match - especially in those last ten minutes.

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