Football fan presses the back of a member of the ‘press’ in viral Dad joke

Football fan presses the back of a member of the ‘press’ in viral Dad joke

There’s nothing quite like a Dad joke to have you both giggling and cringing at the same time and we believe we might have now seen the dad joke to end all dad jokes.

In a now-viral video, a Manchester City fan who was in attendance for the Premier League champions 4-1 FA Cup third-round win away at Swindon Town a fan is seen approaching one of the press photographers situated at pitchside.

Now, before we go any further we should explain that the member of the press in question is wearing a high-vis jacket with the word ‘press’ on the back.

You can probably see where this is going...

As the Man City fan approaches the photographer he literally presses the back of the jacket as if it were an instruction.

The confused press-member then turns around to ask the supporter what he is doing? The City fan then points out that “it says press”.

It takes a few moments for the penny to drop with the photographer but he eventually gets the joke.

The clip, which has now been viewed an astonishing 12 million times on Twitter, has left many people in hysterics including the likes of Piers Morgan, Matt Lucas and former Liverpool played Dietmar Hamann.

Man City players are obviously world class on the pitch and it would appear that their fans are world class practical jokers in the stands.

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