MMA fighter covered in Nazi tattoos gets beaten in just three minutes
AMC Fight Nights/Screengrab

An MMA fighter who was covered in Nazi and far-right tattoos was soundly beaten in the first round of a fight in Russia earlier this week.

Fight fans were shocked to see the many tattoos adorning the body of Mikhail Turkanov, from St Petersburg. The 33-year-old has multiple swastikas on his chest as well as his right shoulder. On the front of his left shoulder, he has a โ€˜Runeโ€™ a Norse symbol that was adopted by the Nazi Party to represent Aryan heritage.

Turkanov was fighting in the AMC Fight Nights promotion in Sochi, Russia (recently rebranded from Fight Nights Global), on Tuesday against Alibeg Rasulov in a welterweight contest.

Viewers of the card were shocked and disturbed to see an individual sporting so much blatant far-right iconography on his body and asked how he was booked on the show at all.

If there was an upside to this, itโ€™s that Tukanov wasnโ€™t on screens for very long. He was defeated in the first round in just three minutes four seconds via TKO and referee stoppage.

Warning: If you donโ€™t like violence or combat sports then we would advise that you donโ€™t watch this clip.

Turkanov now has an 8-6 in his MMA career but as Sport Bible point out the fact that AMC Fight Nights is one of the biggest and most-watched promotions in Russia is the most concerning aspect of this story.

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