Nike's latest 'exceptional' advert has taken the internet by storm

It would hardly be news to inform you that Nike make very good advert but even they might have exceeded their own high standards with their new commercial.

A stunning 90-second advert that the sports brand released on Thursday features close to every sport imaginable and tells the story of 2020 so far and how sport has dealt with coronavirus and helped incorporate movements like Black Lives Matter.

It also features some of the top sports stars in the world including Simeone Biles, LeBron James, Cristiano Ronaldo, Rafael Nadal, Megan Rapinoe, Colin Kaepernick, Rory McIlroy and Serena Williams as well as some of the top athletes with disabilities.

However, the true star of the advert, which is called 'You Can't Stop Us' is arguably the editing which even the great Stanley Kubrick would be proud of. By using a split-screen the advert shows how many athletes, sports and cultures can mirror each other, without even realising it.

According to CNN, Nike used more than 4,000 hours of sports footage to create the advert and has already been viewed more than 26 million times on Twitter, earning widespread praise.

Regardless of what you think of Nike or the advert, it's hard to disagree with the closing sentiment of the advert:

No matter how bad it gets, we will always come back stronger. Because nothing can stop what we can do together.

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