New York Jets/TikTok

The NFL team New York Jets have been condemned on social media after they released a TikTok video which was made to look like she was firing footballs out of her backside.

The video was put out by the team on Monday, and features an old TikTok video from 19 year-old influencer Addison Rae who is dancing and twerking to the song 'Shake Dat' by Loui (feat. Lil Jay)

On the opposing frame of the duet video, stands a footballer on a training pitch.

So far, so weird as were not sure what twerking has to do with American football... But then it becomes clear in a rather disturbing way.

As the woman moves her backside a football fires into the opposing frame where the Jets quarter-back catches it and runs off.

Perhaps realising that the video wasn't exactly PC the New York Jets quickly deleted the video but unfortunately for them nothing is ever truly deleted from the internet.

Sure enough, it soon resurfaced on Twitter after being shared by user @isabella_nowak.

Reaction to the video has been mixed as people simply don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Regardless, Rae seemed to think it was funny as she has retweeted the video.

HT Daily Dot

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