American tourist discovers Wetherspoons for the first time and her reaction is priceless

An American visitor to London has delighted the English with a viral video highlighting her love of Wetherspoons' pubs.

Engineering student Mallory was so taken with her trip to the pub that she documented her passion for the chain on TikTok.

She is seen to state:

OK, so the place that I've found that interests you the most is a place called Wetherspoons in England, and it's so frickin' good!

Once inside the pub she explains what she is going to order:

So, it's like really cheap. I'm going to get the vegetarian breakfast, it's only that amount [£3.65] and then a latte, and then you get free refills. It's amazing.

Then the food arrives and she is astonished at how little it cost.

So we got all of this food, plus the coffee for £10.

The video concludes with one final bit of advice:

Make sure you put the beans on the toast, because it's frickin' amazing.

Expect the tourists to flock after coming across this particular video.

The short clip has already been viewed more than 2 million times and people can't get enough of it.

She has even fallen in love with the art form known as the lunchtime meal deal.

That being said, her new found fame hasn't passed her by.

Wait until she discovers how cheap the pints are...

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