Paul Pogba followed Cristiano Ronaldo’s lead by removing a bottle of Heineken during a Euro 2020 press conference.

It took place at the post-match conference after France beat Germany 1-0 where Pogba was named “Star of the Match.”

Just a day after Ronaldo made the news after removing Coca Cola bottles from his table, the French midfielder removed the official sponsors from his table and out of the camera shot.

Although the Heineken on display was non-alcoholic, Pogba is a devout Muslim and therefore his religion forbids the consumption of alcohol.

This is because it is considered “haraam” which means “forbidden.” It refers to anything that is prohibited in the Qur’ran or would result in sin when committed by a Muslim.

It is reported that the Manchester United player adopted the religion back in 2019.

Unlike Ronaldo who made a comment to “Drink water” during his Coca Cola snub, Pogba did not say anything as he removed the bottle from sight.

Heineken is partner with UEFA – the organisers of Euro 2020 – which explains their strategic placement at Pogba’s press conference.

People on social media have commented on Pogba making a similar move to Ronaldo.

While others noted that Pogba has religious reasons for removing the beverage during his interview and praised his move.

Though some people called the player out for accepting the Heineken sponsored “Star of the Match” award.

As a result of Ronaldo’s Coca Cola diss, the company saw a $4 billion fall in their share price and now people are wondering if the same will happen to Heineken.

The company’s share price fell slightly yesterday on the day of the press conference.

But, Heineken’s share price has since risen to 99.66 EUR.

France’s victory over Germany means they sit second in the Group F table, with Portugal currently at the top of the table.

Pogba and Ronaldo will meet face-to-face in the France v Portugal match on June 23.

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