Real Madrid have completely misunderstood the 'man in a nightclub' meme

Real Madrid have completely misunderstood the 'man in a nightclub' meme
Moment Real Madrid wins Champions League title for the 14th time

Real Madrid are really good at football, as their 1-0 win against Liverpool in the Champions League final on Saturday attested to.

They’re not so good, however, at understanding meme culture.

The club’s social media team are being roasted online after posting a 'man in a nightclub' meme and seemingly failing to understand it.

The picture has become one of the most popular memes over recent years and features students Patrick Richie and Lucia Gorman on a night out in Edinburgh.

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Lucia looks incredibly unimpressed with Patrick and whatever he was shouting in her ear at the time.

People normally accompany the clip with tedious things they imagine Lucia would be incredibly bored by.

But Real appeared to misunderstand after adding the caption: “We’ve won the Champions League 14 times.”

Not only did the club get the meme wrong, but they seemed to suggest that winning 14 Champions League titles was a boring fact – something social media users were happy to point out.

“That's not how you use this meme,” a user wrote.

“So basically, you're saying that [it’s] an uninteresting fact. Understandably so, tho,” another said.

One more added: “I'm not sure you know what this Meme means,”

The original tweet has been liked more than 15,000 times, but judging by the comments it's not gone down all that well...

The Spanish champions beat Liverpool on Saturday night following a goal from Vinicius Jr, in a game overshadowed by chaotic scenes outside the ground which delayed kick-off.

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