WWE's Rhea Ripley has 'creepy' Instagram story turned into punchline on TV

WWE's Rhea Ripley has 'creepy' Instagram story turned into punchline on TV

WWE's current Women's World Heavyweight Champion Rhea Ripley was the subject of a gross Instagram prank on Sunday which was referenced by commentator Corey Graves on Monday.

The Australian wrestler shared an Instagram story on Sunday, apparently by accident, that a fan had tagged her. The image, which we can't describe in too much detail, featured a picture of Ripley as well as some crass additions that the fan had made to the picture.

Wrestling were shocked at the image but also expressed their sympathy with Ripley's "unfortunate" error. Journalist David Bixenspan wrote on Twitter: "I guess the good news is that Rhea Ripley had somehow managed to avoid hearing about that creepy trend among pervy wrestling fans?"

Ripley didn't delete the story but it was vaguely alluded to on WWE television during Monday's episode of Raw.

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As she made her way to the ring Graves said to his co-commentator Kevin Patrick: "I know you are a big fan KP. I saw that picture you sent to her on Instagram that was on her story. You're a big hit."

Fans were pretty shocked that Graves would mention the story live on air given its graphic content. WWE is still considered to be a PG show.

WWE is a scripted show and Graves was likely told to or had approval to say the line.

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