Fans defend basketball star spotted eating waffle on bench in final minutes

Chelsea Ritschel
Thursday 14 November 2019 16:15

A tense basketball match between an opposing team may seem like an odd moment to snack on a waffle, especially if you are an NBA player.

However, Robert Covington of the Minnesota Timberwolves didn’t seem too concerned as he was pictured eating what many thought was a Stroopwafel on the bench.

“...Robert Covington just eating a Stroopwafel on the bench with 11 minutes to go in the fourth,” viewer Sam McCullough wrote on Twitter.

The tweet was liked more than 9,000 times.

The 28-year-old player’s choice was even stranger considering the close score, with the Timberwolves beating the Spurs by just 11 points.

“I have no idea what could possess a person to do this,” McCullough added. “But Stroopwafels are really, really incredible. I’m captivated here.”

“Very nutritious and healthy and good,” someone else said, while another person called the behaviour “unreal”.

While the decision to eat any snacks during such a precarious moment is slightly weird, it turns out Covington wasn’t actually eating a wafer cookie made with two thin layers of baked dough and joined by a caramel filling.

Rather than fuelling up on caramel, Covington was more likely fuelling up on a brand of organic energy waffles called Honey Stinger Waffles that look almost identical.

These waffles, apparently well-known among people who exercise, are advertised as “fuel made simple” and are made by layering honey between two thin waffles.

According to the brand’s website, the waffles, which come in a variety of flavours including gingersnap, lemon, and chocolate, boast healthy ingredients such as organic honey and eggs and organic wheat flour.

However, Covington had the support of his fans either way, as one person said: “Is there ever really a bad time for a Stroopwafel?”