The National Rugby League had the best response to homophobes after two players kissed

Jack Webb@JackWebb92
Saturday 23 June 2018 14:30

Two female rugby players kissed after a match and a lot of people weren't too happy about it, because we're apparently living in the early 1900s.

The National Rugby League (NRL) in Australia has defend two players after a photo of them kissing from the first Women’s State of Origin match erupted in controversy.

The two women, Karina Brown and Vanessa Foliaki, who play for Queensland and New South Wales respectively, played against each other in a thrilling match.

Afterwards the NRL's social media account shared an image of the two women locking lips.

In an un-shocking twist, homophobes were up in arms at the image, which is nothing but a touching display of love between two people.

Karina and Vanessa have been in a relationship since they were selected to represent the Australia women's national rugby league team, the Jillaroos, in 2014.

According to the pair, the rugby league family "wants us to get married" and the "coaching staff are supportive".