Spanish football president branded a 'monumental d**head' after failing to resign

Spanish football president branded a 'monumental d**head' after failing to resign
Luis Rubiales Refuses to Step Down After Kissing Jennifer Hermoso

The Spanish football federation’s president, Luis Rubiales, has drawn international criticism after kissing forward Jenni Hermoso on the lips following Spain's Women's World Cup final win over England in Sydney.

But you know things are getting bad when you’ve even provoked the ire of controversial news TV host Piers Morgan.

Yesterday Morgan posted on X, the website formerly known as Twitter, calling Rubiales is a “monumental d*ckhead”, after Rubiales refused to resign over the row.

Hermoso said on Friday she did not consent to a kiss on the mouth by Rubiales shortly after Spain won the Women’s World Cup.

Rubiales later denied this, and said the kiss was “mutual, euphoric and consensual”, and downright refused calls for his resignation.

The federation, known as RFEF in Spain, said it will take legal action over Hermoso's comments and questioned her version of events.

“The evidence is conclusive,” it said. “Mr President has not lied.”

In a statement by players' union Futpro, which is representing 33-year-old Hermoso, she is quoted as saying “in no case did I seek to raise (lift) the president” while they embraced on the podium.

RFEF said: “The RFEF and Mr President will demonstrate each of the lies that are spread either by someone on behalf of the player or, if applicable, by the player herself.

“The RFEF and the President, given the seriousness of the content of the press release from the Futpro union, will initiate the corresponding legal actions.”

The federation also said that, if selected, players have "an obligation" to play for the national team.

That comes after 81 female players said they will not represent Spain until Rubiales is removed.

Real Betis striker Borja Iglesias has also said he will not play for the men’s national team again while Rubiales remains in charge.

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