Sunderland supporters raise over £10k for Newcastle fans who died in MH17

A group of Sunderland fans have raised over £10,000 for the two Newcastle United supporters who sadly passed away in the MH17 plane crash.

As of Saturday afternoon, more than one thousand people had donated to the Go Fund Me page which was set up to pay for a floral tribute to John Alder and Liam Sweeney.

The two Newcastle fans had been on their way to watch their team play in a pre-season friendly when their Malaysia Airlines plane came down in Ukraine on Thursday afternoon.

"The incredibly sad news that has emerged this week about two Newcastle fans who have passed has left us all shocked and deeply saddened,' explained Gary Ferguson who set up the page.

Usually the archest of enemies, this group of supporters from the North East has displayed a touching disregard for territorial rivalry.

As Mr Ferguson explains: "There are some things far more important than any football games."

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