Super Bowl: Was The Rock's fly down during his rousing game intro?

Super Bowl: Was The Rock's fly down during his rousing game intro?
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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson gave a rousing performance before this year's Super Bowl, hyping up the crowd as the biggest game in football returned to Los Angeles.

But as he got the SoFi stadium crowd fizzing with excitement with an impassioned speech to camera, some on Twitter couldn’t help but notice one ‘wardrobe malfunction’.

That’s right, it looked like his fly was slightly down, exposing some bright white fabric underneath.

His clothing choice had already drawn comment before people’s eyes were drawn to his crotch area - he was wearing a clashing all-purple ensemble, that looked like it had shrunk in the wash.

As soon as people spotted the weird situation below his belt, they hit Twitter with the big question: was his fly undone?

Others really started to overthink the construction of the entire pants region:

Anyway, we'll let you be the judge, here:

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Regardless of whether it was a wardrobe malfunction or not, the hulking, huge actor looked undeniably impressive on screen:

The whole thing had a bizarre WWE/Nascar vibe to it, which didn't go unnoticed either:

In comparison to the couple of weeks he's had, chatter being focused on his fly is probably a welcome relief.

He recently faced fan backlash after distancing himself from Joe Rogan over an N-word controversy.

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