This newspaper letter about cricket and security guards is really beautiful

A letter about cricket, security guards and hatred, was published in the Age newspaper in Australia just before Christmas. It's adorable.

The letter, by Thomas Reeh, from Ashburton, tells the tale of his four-year old son Edward, who was visiting his first Big Bash game at the MCG ground in Victoria, where the Sydney Thunder were playing the Melbourne Stars.

Edward was asked to undergo a security check by the guard at the gate to the ground.

Which is where our story begins:

For Edward, our four-year-old, it was his first Big Bash game and he clearly isn't up with the latest terrorism precautions.

A burly security guy doing the body scan crouched down and held out his arms to demonstrate the search position, so naturally Edward moved in and gave him a big hug.

Trying to hold back laughter, the security guard held his arms out again and got a second hug, then a third hug. Makes you wonder how it ever came to this going to a cricket match.

Nobody is born to hate; it’s something we are taught.


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