England cricketers and the people from history they're not connected to

Today, the Daily Mailpublished an article comparing the life and times of two men who play cricket - WG Grace and Moeen Ali.

Grace had a very big beard and was one of the most revered sporting idols of the Victorian-era.

Ali, who also has a very big beard, has just taken six wickets to win a Test match for England in what feels like the first time since the Victorian era.

The premise of the story led to us having a go at creating links between England cricketers and some historical (non-) counterparts.

Alastair Cook and James Cook: Two similar names, two very different captains

One is a cricketer, the other was a sea captain. Their life stories show just how much England has changed (maybe).

Jos Buttler and Muhammad Ali: Two wearers of gloves, two very different sports

One is a cricketer, the other was a heavyweight boxer. Their life stories show just how much cricket and boxing are different sports.

James Anderson and Abraham Lincoln: Two men with hair, another pointless comparison

One is a fast bowler, the other was a US president. A comparison of their life stories isn't very helpful, to be honest.

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