Super Bowl: Tom Brady sends grumpy tweet after iPhone reminds him he's not playing

Will It Bother Tom Brady To Not Retire On Top?
Tom Brady

Tom Brady woke up to an unwelcome reminder of his playoff defeat: a calendar alert telling him that the Super Bowl takes place today.

The quarterback was dumped out of this year’s playoffs when his Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost to the LA Rams last month - prompting his retirement from the sport.

It was a limp way for arguably the greatest footballer of all time to end his career, and as a result he’ll be watching the Super Bowl as a spectator, rather than under center.

And at lunchtime on Sunday, he was reminded of the big game, which is taking place at the LA Rams’ stadium on the West Coast.

Posting a screenshot of his iPhone homescreen - on which a calendar reminder of the game could be seen - he captioned it with the word: “Sh*t.”

The post racked up 250,000 likes, and 15,000 retweets.

Naturally, it was an opportunity for some fans to try to convince him to make a comeback:

Others were curious as to how a star like Brady actually watches a Super Bowl when they're not actually playing in it:

Someone else reminded him of the good times and his very boozy Super Bowl party after winning the Lombardi Trophy with the Buccaneers last year:

Anyway, some fans are hoping he's considering making a U-turn on his retirement after some careful wording in his response to being asked about his future.

It's unclear whether Patriots fans will be among them, after seemingly snubbing the team in his farewell message to NFL fans.

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