The man. The myth. The skateboarding legend.

Tony Hawk is also now known for sharing interactions with fans who do not quite realise they are speaking to the man himself.

This time round he was not recognised even after being asked if he was related to Hawk while waiting in line to get a Covidtest.

Hawk tweeted the woman working at the site went through the necessary paperwork and asked: "Anthony, Keegan and Kadence... Hawk? Are you guys related to Tony Hawk?"

When Hawk, who was with two of his children at the time, confirmed they were, the staff member questioned them again: "Are you pulling my leg?”

“No, we are all directly related to him,” Hawk replied.

She then pointed the group towards their swab test and seemed not to clock the skateboarder was right in front of her.

Other comical occasions for the pro include being told he looks like Hawk but only from the side, that it is “cool” he resembles the skateboarder, being asked if he ever gets mistaken for Hawk, having his ID checked to be notified it’s crazy he shares the same name and being informed he isn’t that recognisable while being recognised.

Social media users responded to the latest funny exchange.

Some fans shared memes in response to Hawk’s tweets.

One user even admitted to being one of those people who didn’t register it was him when they met. 

And a couple of celebrities also replied to share their similar experiences.

Better luck next time!

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