Trump cups baseball player's chest in very awkward moment

Marianne Eloise@marianne_eloise
Tuesday 05 November 2019 09:00

Trump has been known to behave a little bit awkwardly sometimes, but this latest move is another level.

On Monday, Trump hosted the Washington Nationals at the White House to celebrate the team’s Wold Series win.

After he asked catcher Kurt Suzuki to speak to the crowd, Suzuki put on a red Make America Great Again hat and stretched out his arms, Titanic-style.

Excited by the support, Trump first squeezed his shoulders and then reached under Suzuki’s arms to grab his chest.

The moment was pretty awkward and has been captured from all angles, so is making the rounds on Twitter.

Trump also said, “I love him! Awww, that's so nice." and has said that he had no idea it was going to happen.

Now that’s something we can probably believe.

HT Business Insider

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