After almost three years of presidential bluster from Donald Trump not only is his border wall still not complete, it’s also already not as effective as he’s claimed.

The Trump administration will be remembered just as much for the president’s ‘Build The Wall’ catchphrase as it will be for apparent Russian meddling, racism rows, alleged affairs and his ongoing impeachment inquiry.

Like many of the president’s promises, it’s been a continued source of disappointment for Trump and his fanbase as it faces setback after setback.

First, there were the issues of funding. Trump originally claimed Mexico would pay for it (they won’t), then he pressured Congress into funding it (they didn’t want to), prompting a national emergency and the longest government shutdown in American history.

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After various walls of process, funding was eventually obtained, albeit controversially, allowing construction to continue notwithstanding various legal challenges along the way. The finish line, however, is still proving to be evasive.

Now, despite continued boasts of the efficacy of the project, it appears the ‘incredible’ border wall isn’t quite as sturdy as previously claimed.

According to The Washington Postwho spoke with anonymous officials involved with the project, the wall is already being breached.

Apparent smugglers have been able to cut through the structure using reciprocating saws that are available for as little as $100. Once kitted out with the appropriate blades the tools make easy work of the steel and concrete structure according to Customs and Border Protection agents.

Once the steel bollards are removed, smugglers are putting the pieces back together using putty to disguise the damage in order to reuse the access points at a later date.

This has resulted in repair works to ‘patch up’ the holes which leave the structure vulnerable as welded metal is easier to cut through than making new cuts and entry points.

Trump will likely be unhappy when he hears the news and it’ll be interesting to see how he talks around it.

As recently as Friday Trump bragged about the border wall to supporters at a rally in Mississippi, saying:

You can cut through steel, but you can’t cut through the concrete, and then you can’t cut through the hardened rebar

During the same speech, he also claimed that 500 miles of the wall would be built by the end of next week.

Reactions have not been kind, to say the least.

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